Top 10 Richest African Countries 2019 By GDP

8. Ethiopia

Gross domestic product of Ethiopia is 83.836 billion dollars.

Ethiopia, or the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Its capital is Addis Ababa. The city, Addis Ababa, is additionally the base camp of the African Union.

The economy of the nation depends on agribusiness, with espresso being a standout amongst the most traded items.

7. Kenya

Gross domestic product of Kenya is 89.591 Billion dollars.

With a populace of 49.73 million and a urbanization rate of 26.56%, Kenya is one of the wealthiest nations in East Africa and even the mainland on the loose.

The capital of Kenya is Nairobi. Kenya picked up its autonomy in 1963 from the British.

More than 33% of Kenya’s GDP is created by agribusiness. US, Tanzania, and Uganda are the real fare accomplices.

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